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Truly great places aren't found just anywhere, and they weren't built yesterday. The best parts of a city are found where history has been painstakingly preserved and incorporated into an authentic urban experience. Introducing Post Office Square, the latest urban destination in St. Louis. Anchored by the monumental Old Post Office building, this downtown district represents the highest potential of the city's renaissance.

Post Office Square is poised to become the focal point of downtown, the district which defines the area, in the same way that the Loop has grown to define University City. The Post Office district lies at the intersection of the financial district to the east, the convention center to the north, Busch Stadium to the south, and the loft district to the west, interspersed with office towers and hotels. A collaboration between Downtown residents, developers, retailers, restaurants, hotels, and service businesses is underway, with the goal of cultivating Post Office Square into such a destination, and in the process, creating a tremendous cultural asset for the St. Louis region as a whole.

The essential ingredients are coming together. The loft boom occurring downtown is well known, as the residential population nears the 10,000 mark. The successful college basketball event hosted in April brought attention to the remarkable concentration of hotels here. The restaurant and entertainment industries are taking notice of the opportunity.
   People are moving into residential buildings like the Paul Brown Loft Apartments, representing many walks of life: urban professionals, executives, employees of local restaurants and retail businesses, artists, students, and retirees. Once the feverish pace of construction subsides, this population of active residents will fill the sidewalks and seek out the restaurants, retail and services that we all enjoy.
   Ambitious plans have been made to transform the appearance of the built environment at the pedestrian level, with wide sidewalks, historic replica streetlights, lush flowerbeds and leafy trees, inviting outdoor seating areas, and space for parallel parking, all announced by bold signage which defines the district and helps visitors find their way around. This approach has helped establish the stretch of Washington Avenue west of Tucker into a hotspot for fine dining and nightlife.